Nieuwsbrief Frederik Neyrinck

During the upcoming weeks/months, some new pieces will be played:
  • Brussels Philharmonic (conductor: Peter Rundel) will create my new orchestral piece “Ste.Fuji” during the opening concert of Ars Musica on the 12th of November in BOZAR, Brussels.
  • a new piece for recorder ensemble (recorder classes of Katelijne Lanneau and Thomas List) will be presented at the TRANSIT-Festival in Leuven (30/10) and in Vienna (06//11)
  • a new ensemble piece for Ensemble Reconsil (conductor: Roland Freisitzer) will be played on the 29th of November in Vienna.
Other pieces will be played a.o. at the Neu-Now Festival in Amsterdam or the Concerts Lab Hall in Tokyo.
In annex you find a schedule with all the upcoming performances.
The recording of my orchestral piece “…bassoons unfolded…[Kandinsky-Etüde 7]” performed by the National Orchestra of Belgium (conductor: A.Boreyko) on the 19th of Februay 2016 is available on SoundCloud
The video of my piece “Was mag das gesein?”, performed by Duo Enβle-Lamprecht und Ensemble (Christie Finn, soprano; Anne-Suse Enβle, alto recorder; Philipp Lamprecht, percussion; David Bader, guitar) is available on YouTube.

The video of “Fenster” for amplified chamber orchestra by Casco Phil (conductor: Benjamin Haemhouts) during the festival “En Avant Mars” at “De Bijloke” in Ghent is available on YouTube.