Classical Improvisation trough sight-reading

Your input at the 2017 CMA conference was electrifying.

Booth at 2017 CMA Conference

Thank you for getiing 2017 off to a good start!

The energy was palpable at my table, and that is all due to your amazing input. Whether a detailed analysis (or valued critique) of my improvisational process, or an inquiry into the very future of “music from the ground up” (music not based on pre-set parameters—perhaps, in the long run, a better term than “classical music”, and one that can be applied to any kind of music), the conversations that were started there still resonate, and remind me how valuable the dialogue about improvisation is.

Click image to download full sample template

Page from sample Compositional Improvisation™ template—click image to download full sample template


Soundcloud Template Audio Track

Click this image to go to the Soundcloud link

Click the image above to go to the Soundcloud link

A recently recorded live track with timed annotations which show themes from the “Water” template being used in a compositional improvisation (please refer to your template). “Sunset Water” and “As By Water” are also included in thesample template available here.


Learning (and teaching) the templates with Jesse Feinberg

Click on image to obtain full template

Click on image above to obtain full template

My partner-in-crime Jesse Feinberg has recently begun teaching using the templates, and is sharing his initial impressions:

One of Jesse’s jazz students was able to start understanding the templates from the perspective of jazz theory and chord voicings, showing the crossover possibilities not only for classical but jazz musicians. For classical musicians, the templates offer a way into these voicings (and many more) through the exercise of sight-reading. Jesse is also coaching his student in uses of the template for electronic music composition—as a resource for chord voicings within scales, among other things.

Jesse will bring his extensive experience teaching improvisation to this endeavor, and I look forward to sharing future impressions!


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