Ulysses Network

I am representing an EU-funded contemporary music project Ulysses Network that’s been in operation since 2012, led by IRCAM. We have been building up the Ulysses Platform (https://www.ulysses-network.eu/) for contemporary classical music composers, performers and ensembles since 2013, and more than 2700 individuals and organizations use it already. It is hosted also by IRCAM and will live on after the EU project funding ends.


The main goal of the ULYSSES Platform is to give individuals and organizations active in the field of contemporary music an online platform. Through this platform, users can find all the information and opportunities they are looking for and easily get in touch and exchange with other members of the community.


The platform allows users to:


  • Create profiles with relevant information (biographies, works…)
  • Announce and organize calls for applications, competitions etc.
  • Submit applications to calls
  • Spot new works and artists
  • Share artistic content and other documents (scores, recordings, videos…) as well as information about events and opportunities linked to the field of contemporary music with other members
  • Communicate with other members


The Platform was shortly updated with new features such as:

– Audio player: let the music play! The audio player showcase all our members public works

– Search functionality (search by name, instrument, keywords…)

– Messaging service: exchange with other members, create group conversations, send out files easily

– Email notification: never miss a message from another member


The platform is growing and developing quite fast right now and I am sure it will be a very good place in time to network. We’d very much appreciate if you would find it useful for composers and could forward the info for your members or include a mention to your newsletter.


I’d be glad to give more information if needed.


Best regards,

Vilja Ruokolainen

Community Manager

Ulysses Platform & Ulysses Network Project